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Royal Forestry Society
Official Train Hugger Partner
Royal Forestry Society

RFS x Train Hugger

For 140 years, the RFS has dedicated itself to sharing knowledge on the art and science of woodland management so that the accumulated wisdom and experience of landowners, foresters, arborists and others is transferred from one generation to another.

The RFS believes that:

  • Woods should be managed not neglected
  • Thriving woods depend on nurturing skills and sharing knowledge
  • We must increase woodland resilience to pests, disease and climate change
  • More sustainably managed productive woods should be created
  • Well managed woods generate extensive public benefits which should be funded
  • We must increase public understanding of the value of managed woodland

Train Hugger Partnership
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Royal Forestry Society
Planting Projects

See what our partnership has produced!

Replacing Non Native Tres in Lough Neagh
Storm Recovery in Berwickshire 2
Storm Recovery in Berwickshire 1
Spruce Replacement in West Sussex
Trees not Brambles in Co.Tyrone
Linking Woodlands in County Antrim
County Antrim New and Old
Case Study: County Down 3
Replacing Non Native Trees in NI
South Tyrone planting for biodiversity
Experimental Planting in Country Tyrone
County Armagh: Different Growth Rates for Better Biodiversity
Case Study: County Down 2
Case Study: County Down 1
Devon Gum Trees
Case Study: Planting for Resilience in Buckinghamshire
Case Study: Saving a Hampshire Woodland from Disease
West Sussex Broadleaf Trees
Case Study: Storm Resilience in Northumberland
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