Our fees explained

Our fees

When booking train tickets with any retailer or carrier, there are often a variety of fees associated with your purchase and any cancellation or amendment. Our fees are fixed, so you’ll always know exactly what you are paying when you book through Train Hugger.

Tree fee


We charge a £1.50 ‘Tree Fee’ on all bookings. We use this money to pay for your tree. Money from the Tree Fee goes towards our Royal Forestry Society Grant. RFS members across the UK can apply to the grant and it is these landowners who ultimately plant your tree. Every time you book, we let you know the variety and location of your tree.

Refund / exchange fee


If you have to cancel or exchange a ticket, we charge a flat £5 charge for this service. Any remaining ticket value over £5 will be refunded to you or can be used to exchange your ticket for another journey.

Advance ticket amendments


You can amend the date and time of an advance ticket, provided the origin and destination of your journey remains the same. You will have to pay any difference between your original ticket price and the amended journey if it is more expensive. You will not receive any refund if the amended ticket is cheaper. The same £5 exchange fee applies to any amendment of an advance ticket. Note you cannot request a refund for an advance ticket.

E-tickets and mobile tickets


We do not charge you for E-tickets or Mobile Tickets.

Collecting tickets from the station

Free or £1.00 if an e-ticket is also available

We actively encourage our customers to use e-tickets where available. If an e-ticket is available but you opt to collect a ticket from the station, we will charge you £1. If there is no e-ticket available, (this is often the case in Scotland or certain stations in the UK such as Kenton), we will not charge you a fee to collect from the station.

Posting tickets

We do not offer this service as we actively encourage people to use e-tickets or print them at the station if they must.