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Split Tickets

What is Split Ticketing?

Split Ticketing is our latest feature available on our website and mobile website. (We are working to incorporate this into our app and should have this ready at the beginning of 2024). Split ticketing is a way of saving money on train travel by ‘splitting’ your trip into multiple tickets. There’s a common misconception that split ticketing requires changing trains, but that’s not the case. In reality, it’s the same journey, you just purchase a different combination of tickets which ultimately gets you a cheaper price.  

Split Ticketing finds combinations of tickets to save you money on thousands of journeys across the UK – all you have to do is show different tickets along your journey.

Do I need to change trains?

Split Ticketing doesn’t add any additional changes to your route. So, if your journey had no changes in the first place, there would still be no changes. 

If your journey included a change anyway, then this will still apply. Your tickets won’t always ‘split’ at the same point that your train changes though. You can find a detailed breakdown in your Journey Tracker. 

The only condition when using Split Ticketing is that the train you take must stop at all the places you’ve bought tickets for and not just pass through them.

How flexible is Split Ticketing?

If your Split Ticketing includes at least one Advance Single fare, then you’ll need to take the train you selected. However, if your Split Ticket is made up of flexible fares (Anytime, Off-Peak or Super Off-Peak) then you may be able to take different trains, as long as they stop at stations where your tickets ‘split’. And remember, you don’t necessarily have to change trains where your tickets ‘split’.

How does it work out cheaper?

Put simply, it's a quirk of the UK ticketing system.

UK ticket prices are based on things like the journey duration, time of travel, and fare flexibility. Split Tickets finds the cheapest combination of tickets to make your overall journey cheaper.

Is it a legitimate way to purchase your tickets?

Yes! You are still buying normal tickets, just more of them than usual. It’s the same journey, just a different combination of tickets. For example, a standard, peak time ticket from Finsbury Park to Brighton costs £37.30. However, by splitting the journey into two tickets - Finsbury Park to London Blackfriars and London Blackfriars to Brighton, the ticket works out at £25.60. That’s £11.60 cheaper! We work this out for you and there is no need to get off at Blackfriars. Just show one ticket for the first part of the journey and the other ticket for the second part.

Can I still reserve a seat?

Yes, if a train operator offers seat reservations, then we’ll do our best to reserve one for you.

In rare cases, you may only be able to reserve a seat for part of your journey. Occasionally, you may have to change seats partway through your journey. Check your ticket for seat-specific info.

Can I use railcards?

You can still use your railcard. Just add them as normal when you search for your tickets.