Travel made greener

5 reasons why Trainhugger supports sustainable travel & tourism in the UK

  • Travel makes up 1/3rd of the country’s carbon footprint.

  • Road traffic alone makes up 25%.

  • But train travel only accounts for 1%!  It’s one of the most sustainable travel choices you can make.

  • Train travel helps boost a sustainable tourism sector, linking holiday hotspots and popular destinations by rail.

  • Trains are getting greener! Electrifying rail (and making it more energy efficient with innovative smart tech) is all part of the UK’s plan to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Travel safely during COVID-19

Download your Trainhugger e-ticket from anywhere
Download your Trainhugger e-ticket from anywhere
Check cancellations and delays
Use our app to check for delays or cancellations
Show your digital ticket
Show your contactless ticket at the station
Wear a mask
Wear a mask and carry hand sanitiser