Trainhugger Business

Q: When can my company start using Trainhugger Business?

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Q: What is Trainhugger Business?

Trainhugger Business takes the features of the Trainhugger website and mobile apps and tailors them specifically for business customers. Businesses sign up for an account and employees can book tickets for themselves or other colleagues and assign bookings to specific cost centres.

Users with an admin login can set booking rules and receive an overview of total company travel and expenditure, broken down by cost centre. All this information is available on the Trainhugger Business dashboard. Furthermore, we not only plant a tree for every booking, we ensure that every journey is certifiably carbon neutral, meaning businesses can claim to practice carbon neutral train travel, in both internal and external communications.

Q: Who is Trainhugger Business for?

Any business looking for an easy way to buy UK train tickets, stay on top of company expenditure and improve their green credentials.


Q: What’s the advantage of having a Trainhugger Business account?

Simple management of employee travel with e-tickets, purchases broken down by cost centre and a simple dashboard to manage all business travel. Trainhugger Business also ensures all your employee train travel is 100% certified carbon neutral. This allows companies to make this claim when attempting to retain or win new business and recruit new employees.

Q: I’m the Trainhugger Business Account Administrator for my company, how do I track my employees’ bookings?

If you have admin access to your company’s Trainhugger Business site, you will be able to log into your company dashboard, view bookings and filter by employee, price, date and cost centre.

Q: Can Trainhugger help me communicate with my employees about how and why to use the Trainhugger Business platform to book train travel?

Absolutely. Trainhugger will provide you with information and a simple animation you can forward on to your employees, including instructions and links as to how to download the app as well as a brief overview of our environmental projects and why using Trainhugger can make a real difference.

Q: How can I use my Trainhugger data in our company’s ESG and annual reporting?

Thanks to a partnership with Redshaw Associates, not only does Trainhugger plant a tree in the UK for every booking, we also officially offset all CO2 generated from your company’s train travel as long as it’s booked through your Trainhugger business account.

This means you can include those carbon offsets in your official ESG calculations. Because we also plant trees in your company’s name, you can also claim to have increased forest coverage and helped improve biodiversity and land use in the UK as part of your annual reporting.