Cookies Policy

What is your cookies policy?

We use cookies to –

  • Understand how you use our site, to see if we can make your experience even better.
  • Securely remember your preferences so you don’t need to put in the same station each time you use our website or app, which saves lots of time.

Necessary Cookies

  • These cookies are essential. They’re the ones that make it possible for you to use our website and app.
  • Among other things, necessary cookies let us remember the choices you make as you use our services. We do the legwork for you so we can do things like:
  • Keep track of which tickets you’d like to buy
  • Charge you the correct amount for your tickets
  • Pass your details to the relevant train, coach or bus operators, so you can travel with them
  • Offer you different ways to get your tickets
  • Check there’s no suspicious activity going on with your account or payments
  • Keep your information secure
  • Make sure we don’t show you the same notifications more than once
  • Save your preferences
  • You can control these cookies in your browser settings but if you do decide to turn this off, some parts of our website and app will not work properly.

Cookies that improve the content you see on our website

  • We’re continuously striving to improve your experience on our website and our apps and these cookies help us identify which content you like and want to see more of
  • You can turn these cookies off in your browser settings.

Analytics Cookies

  • Analytics cookies help us understand our customers’ behaviour in general, in order to constantly improve your experience
  • These cookies tell us how you arrived on our website, which pages on our channels have already been visited, how long is spent on those pages, and whether you click on any links
  • The analytics ID cookies we set, collect data about our users generally and this data is typically analysed at an aggregate level
  • At no point are we identifying you personally
  • They also flag up any problems, so we can fix them quickly
  • We work with service providers including Google and Facebook to provide tools to analyse info at an aggregate level about use of our website and app


Facebook uses cookies and receives information when you visit Trainhugger, including device info and information about your activity. This occurs whether or not you have a Facebook account or are logged in.  These are stored under the Facebook domain.

There is lots of very helpful info directly provided by Facebook about how they use cookies, pixels and similar technologies. For more info please see here.

You can opt out here if you have a Facebook account or adjust your browser settings if you don’t have an account.


When you visit Trainhugger, Google sets cookies to remember your preferences, that’s things like your language and your latest searches.  Google also uses cookies to help customise ads on Google and for advertising served across the web.

Cookies are also set for Google Adwords – that’s the platform that powers the text adverts you see in your Google search results.  There is lots of very helpful info directly provided by Google about how they use cookies, for more info, please see here.

For more information about why you are seeing a particular advert, please see here.

You can use Ads Settings to manage the Google ads you see and opt out of Ads Personalisation. Even if you opt out of Ads Personalisation, you may still see ads based on factors such as your general location derived from your IP address, your browser type, and your search terms.

Custom and lookalike audiences

  • We use Custom and Lookalike Audiences at Trainhugger in order to advertise to existing and potential customers via social media platforms
  • A Custom Audience is a type of audience created made up of existing customers. We target ads to the audience we have created across common social media channels
    We also create Lookalike Audiences: which are lists of people to target with advertising who are similar to people currently engaging with us
  • For both types of activity (custom audiences and lookalike audiences) we aim to target people based on aggregate customer behaviour: for example people who have recently taken a journey from Manchester

What happens when you turn off cookies?

  • If you turn off all cookies or use app or web blocking software, our website and app may not work properly. Imagine you searched for train tickets from London to Manchester and you added these tickets to your basket but accidentally closed our website before booking. If you’ve turned off cookies, when you return, your basket won’t be saved, so you’ll have to search for those tickets all over again. Cookies make things a bit easier
  • Turning off cookies is something you have to do for each device you use. That means, if you turn off cookies on your desktop it won’t affect the cookies on your mobile. To turn off cookies on every device, you’ll have to follow the steps on each of your devices

How to turn off Cookies

  • Here are links to the cookie-filtering tools on commonly used browsers”
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Explorer
  • Safari
  • If your browser’s not in the list above, head to the “Help”, “Tools” or “Edit” sections on your browser and follow instructions for disabling cookies