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Greener business travel made easy

Simple and sustainable business travel

Zero carbon

Offset emissions from company train travel

Go Green

Plant trees on behalf of your business

Simple Bookings

Easily manage bookings for employees and clients

Sustainability is good business

sustainable business

77% of executives say being a sustainable business has led to an increase in customer loyalty

sustainable business

52% of employees feel their companies should be more environmentally aware

sustainable consumers

80% of people prefer companies and brands that adopt eco-friendly practices

What is Trainhugger Business?

Trainhugger Business takes the features of the Trainhugger website and mobile apps and tailors them specifically for business customers. Businesses sign up for an account and employees can book tickets for themselves or other colleagues and assign bookings to specific cost centres.

Users with an admin login can set booking rules and receive an overview of total company travel and expenditure, broken down by cost centre. All this information is available on the Trainhugger Business dashboard. Furthermore, we not only plant a tree for every booking, we ensure that every journey is certifiably carbon neutral, meaning businesses can claim to practise carbon neutral train travel, in both internal and external communications.

For business admins

Create your free company account and easily manage train travel across your business. Invite employees to register their own profile within your account and oversee all company travel expenses in one place.

For employees

Find the best fares when travelling for work. See how many trees you’ve planted throughout the year and make your train travel carbon neutral with Trainhugger.

Offseting your travel emission

We plant trees for your business. But we also certifiably offset 100% of your train travel emissions.

What does this do for my business?

This helps your business attract investors and customers by showing that you’re officially reducing your company’s carbon footprint by using Trainhugger.

You can use this information as part of an environmental management plan and in your company’s end of year Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) and CSR reporting.

You can also use it as a marketing tool! Consumers are more likely to connect with brands who show a real commitment to protecting the environment. Trainhugger’s marketing team is happy to help communicate your environmental impact to your employees and customers.

How do you offset my company’s train travel emissions?

Trainhugger has partnered with the award-winning climate experts at Redshaw Advisors.

Redshaw are involved in projects all over the world that reduce greenhouse gas emissions while helping local communities, so not only is your company planting trees in the UK, it’s also helping to improve thousands of lives overseas.

Trainhugger purchases official “carbon credits” from these projects on behalf of your business so that you can certifiably include these carbon savings in your environmental management plans and ESG reporting.

Redshaw are at the cutting edge of climate finance and are leading the way in responsible carbon offsetting.