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Trains, trees and falling in love with the outdoors.

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Train Hugger Founder Ed Caldecott talks to UCL's Climate Podcast about trains, trees and falling in love with the outdoors.

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"The UK currently imports 85% of its timber, much of it from the other side of the world. There's no good reason for this. We just don't invest the time and money in forestry and well maintained woodlands. With a homegrown timber industry we can protect forests elsewhere and nurture our own." - Ed

Listen now to hear host Mark Maslin chat to Chris Tan, Co-Founder of Marble app and UCL master's student, and Ed Caldecott, co-founder of TrainHugger.  

Mark and his guests are discussing how apps can be vital tools for consumers, the fight to keep them accessible for all and the long-term impact they could have.

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