Tickets and prices

Q: How do I check for the cheapest ticket and off-peak ticket times?

You can easily find the cheapest routes and off-peak and super off-peak tickets by simply using the Trainhugger app or website to book your tickets (see example below). The type of ticket you’re looking for will be clearly identified. Off-peak train ticket prices vary based on how popular the route is, what train company is operating the route, the time of day, and the direction of travel.

Q: Can I buy a ticket for someone else using my account?

Yes, you can buy a ticket for someone else, even if you’re not travelling with them. You can forward them an e-ticket or PDF of the booking. If you’re given a reference number to collect the tickets at the station ticket machine, they will be able to use that reference and any credit card to collect the tickets.

Q: Can I buy a season ticket through Trainhugger?

At this time, Trainhugger does not offer season tickets.

Q: Can I use my Railcard to get discounts on tickets?

Absolutely. Just select your railcard from the drop down menu in the journey planner. We accept all UK based railcards.

Q: Is there a booking fee?

Yes. An evergreen flat fee of £1.50 is applied to all bookings. The booking fee is how we plant trees, cover costs and deliver on our sustainability commitments.