Getting and showing your tickets

Q: Can I collect my tickets at the train station?

For most journeys, there’s an option to collect your tickets at the train station. Some train tickets won’t have an e-ticket option and will be collect only, depending on the train operator. You can find the ticket collection code in your “bookings” and in the ticket confirmation  email you receive from Trainhugger.

Q: How do I download my tickets?

You’ll be emailed a PDF version of your e-ticket that can be easily downloaded on any mobile device. There will also be an option to add your ticket to an e-ticket wallet on your phone, depending on your phone settings.

Q: Can I download my tickets to more than one device?

Yep! Computer, phone, iPad, you name it. But of course, you can only use the ticket once.

Q: What if I’m booking for someone else?

You can send them the e-ticket that was included in your booking confirmation email. If you’re given a collection code, they can use this code to collect from the ticket machine at the station. They can also use any credit card to collect their ticket. It does not have to be the card the journey was booked on.

Q: What do I need to show to the ticket inspector?

You can show the inspector the ticket on your phone, a print out of your pdf ticket, or the paper tickets if you have collected them at the station.